The prime ministers of the Visegrad Group agreed at an informal meeting in Budapest to present a united front on matters of European Union leadership positions and policy at next week’s EU summit, the Hungarian PM’s press chief said on Thursday.

At the meeting held at the Castle District premises of the Prime Minister’s Office, the prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia discussed the future of Europe, the election of new EU leaders and the Czech Republic’s upcoming V4 presidency.

The V4 premiers were in agreement that the grouping plays a crucial role in shaping the future of the continent,

Havasi said. As they are aware of the responsibility they carry, the Visegrad Four leaders are playing an active role in the debates on the future of the EU, including personnel issues, he added.

The V4 want the bloc’s leaders to be fit and experienced enough for their role and to have respect for the people of central Europe and the Visegrad cooperation.

The grouping expects the EU’s leaders to always consider the interests of central Europe when making joint decisions about the bloc, Havasi said.

He said Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis briefed his counterparts on the main objectives of his country’s upcoming V4 presidency.

Source: MTI

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