bear reports about the curious case of Vackor, a recently spotted bear in Hungary. Vackor (‘wild-pear’ in English) is a bear who appeared in the town of Abony, close to Szolnok. It looked around some houses, then said hello to the local primary school leaving the area through the schoolyard.

The morning of the 4th of June was not an ordinary morning in the town of Abony, Pest county. Many people saw Vackor, the bear, wandering around.

bear farm Veresegyháza zoo

The first discoveries

It was a bright, sunny morning when Péter was sitting in his kitchen sipping his morning coffee. Suddenly, he noticed some strange movements looking through the window. For his biggest surprise, he discovered that a bear appeared in town. He rushed to call for his son and show him the bear. He went outside when the animal saw him and ran away. Being afraid that locals come across the dangerous creature, Péter called the police. No-one believed him, not even his wife at first when he told about the bear. The police officers kept laughing and telling him that he only saw a big dog and imagined everything as he was still sleepy in the morning. In another house in the same street, a woman saw the bear as well. She discovered it in front of her front gate. She clearly remembered its characteristic movements. The police did not believe her story either.

bear farm Veresegyháza zoo

Vackor at the local school

Imre met the bear in front of the local primary school while he was riding his bike. He got off because he did not want to scare the big dog he saw. Then, he realised that it was not a dog but a bear. The cleaning staff of the school declared that the bear went by in the morning and the evening as well. By the time the police arrived to start investigating, there were no signs left from Vackor. This was not the first time that a bear was spotted in Hungary. Experts say that there must be more bears outside in Hungary. They are searching for food, but they are likely to go back to the woods by winter.

The photos are only illustrations.


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