The VI. Russian Ball in Budapest – in the spirit of the International Women’s Day on 8th March 2014 in the Ballroom of the InterContinental Budapest Hotel.

The Russian Ball of Budapest has proven five times so far that it is the most elegant Russian event in Hungary. We sincerely hope that the guests of the 6th Ball to be arranged on 8th March 2014 will confirm this positive opinion.

“We think it is very lucky that the date of the Ball coincides with that of the International Women’s Day so we can only encourage our future guests, the gentlemen to present this ball as a Women’s Day gift to the ladies; the surprise gift is on us”, organizers said.

At the first Russian Ball they entertained 130 guests, in the third year the Russian Ball had to move to another hotel because the ball room of the first one proved to be too small, at the 5th Ball the number of the guests was tripled. The interest in this event is gradually growing and not only among the Russians living in Hungary, but more and more German and English speaking guests are welcomed at the balls.

In gala menu the organizers offer dishes that are always there on the festive tables in Russia, including the most popular spirit, the vodka, always the same leading brand. In 2013 a 1 meter tall ice carved samovar was waiting for the guests to tap vodka for themselves. Russian dances, songs along with other programs enrich the celebration at the Ball.

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