#budapest #hungary #storm
Heavy storm in Budapest city centre, Photo: MTI, Zoltán Mihádák

A harsh and brutal storm swept through Hungary on the night of the 10th of March and the morning of the 11th of March. Many households became helpless due to the strong winds that broke trees and other objects.

Due to the extremely strong winds, many problems occurred all over Hungary – reported, among others, szmo.hu. Fallen electricity cables and trees caused problems on rail lines and roads. Many houses had their roof tiles falling off and cars getting windshield damages.

Fire departments were alarmed at least 192 times during the night. Most damages afflicted Budapest city and Pest county.

#budapest #hungary #storm
Heavy storm in Budapest city centre,
Photo: MTI, Zoltán Mihádák

Wind storm destroyed buildings in Akadémia Street, Budapest city centre and in the countryside:

In Sas Street, in the 5th district of the capital city, an 80-square-metre tin roof was damaged, while in Dagály Street, in the 13th district, the plaster fell off of a building. In Dunakeszi and in Dunabogdány, trees fell on the roads, causing traffic problems, and a chimney fell on its house in Miskolc, breaking into the apartment.

According to Mávinform, trees fell on railways north to Budapest along the River Danube. Torn electricity cables made Monday morning trains late.

The storm caused damages in other countries, too. In the Czech Republic and Poland, several thousands of households’ electricity shut down. This footage was taken in Germany; there was one casualty in the country:

According to the weather forecast, further storms are expected, therefore it is not recommended to leave objects outdoors that could be flying around in the case of a harsh windstorm.

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Featured image: MTI, Zoltán Mihádák

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

  1. I live in Syracuse New York. in the States. We had this storm about a week ago. Tore apart barns, houses, trees landed on roofs. Was terrible. I hope for a quick recovery for everyone in Hungary and the other affected areas.

  2. Fred Zuti-Lewis, just want to bring your attention to your 12/03/2019 date. We’re not there yet. My reply TODAY is dated 03/14/2019. All postings under RECENT COMMENTS on dailynewshungary.com are dated 13/3/2019.

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