Those who love virtual tours and movies now have an exceptional opportunity; a website offers a unique and exciting virtual experience. You can find yourself in the most famous movie scenes shot in Budapest; and all this from your own home.

Turizmus reported that in recent years the number of television and cinematic productions shot in Budapest had increased rapidly, and many well-known directors choose Hungary as a location to shot some scenes or an entire production. As a result, thematic sightseeing tours that show Hungarian and international students the most famous movie locations have become more popular.

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Movies and the locations allowed creating the first-ever movie-tourism application in Hungary. The creative teams of the Film Destination of Budapest and SZTAKI eLearning created the application [email protected] Film Destination Budapest smartphone application in 2017, which has become the favourite one of tourists who are keen on movies. 

For the first time, after the success of the application, a brand-new innovation allowed creating the Filmdest Walking Budapest virtual tour, which is a complex webpage content providing further interesting information all available from our homes. 

Created with the most modern technology, people visiting this site will be given information about the movie locations, they can examine them through high-quality pictures and see attached videos from the movies and the location. The webpage is available on desktop, smartphone, laptop and tablet as well. 

In the future, the creators would like to introduce audio-guided tours in the same webpage application.

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The story of the Hungarian man who created Hollywood

The funny thing about this Hungarian man is that he was not at all interested in movies and movie-making. He simply wanted to earn some money. He was the one who established to world’s first film studio, and without his ideas and visions, Hollywood would have never been born. Despite being extremely wealthy, he did not live a luxurious lifestyle and set everyone back who tried to get in his way.



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