Budapest, October 28 (MTI) – Judging by the current polls it is almost certain that the 2018 election will be decided between the ruling Fidesz party and radical nationalist Jobbik, Gabor Vona, leader of the latter party, said.

Although it will be difficult, the ruling party can be defeated, Vona told public Kossuth radio, arguing that in the past, voters always chose between the incumbent and the strongest opposition party.

“It is clear that the Left is incapable of demonstrating any political strength, whether in terms of their level of organisation, their message or leaders,” Vona said. The Left has become the “political loser” of the migrant crisis, since it could not offer a solution that reflected the sentiments of society, Vona added.

He said beating Fidesz would not be an easy task, since the party “is a very strong political army with a lot of experience and a leader who is an old-timer.”

Vona said that over the past 25 years, Prime Minister Viktor Orban was “the only political figure to have survived all kinds of situations and to have proven himself as a capable politician”.

Photo: MTI


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