Border protection base of Hungarian Defence Forces completed on the Serbian-Hungarian border, photo: Károly Árvai / Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister

György Bakondi, Chief Security Advisor to the Prime Minister, has told Hungarian television channel M1 that the establishment of a border defence base has been a huge step forward for personnel stationed there.

Mr Bakondi pointed out that since 2015 there has been continuous migration pressure on the border, and solutions are being sought as to how high levels of security personnel could be reduced by strengthening technological support. He underlined that the police and the Hungarian Defence Forces must guarantee defence of the EU’s external borders.

He further said that the existing fence, which was erected in 2015, has been strengthened with electronic hardware, and a parallel access road has also been completed, which can be easily used by vehicles in all conditions. Mr Bakondi added that on a trial section a second fence system has also been set up, which is stronger than the existing one.

The Hungarian Defence Forces’ Kelebia border defence base has been completed, and the establishment of further bases at Bácsalmás, Madaras and Hercegszántó are expected to be completed in the spring.


The construction of the four bases, which will each be able to accommodate 150 people, began last autumn in Kelebia, Bácsalmás, Madaras and Hercegszántó. If necessary, portable cabins can be added at an upper level, so their combined capacity of six hundred can be doubled at any time.

Photo: Károly Árvai / Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister

Source: MTI

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