Press release – Gábor Vona, the president of the largest opposition force said that the Brussels terrorist attacks demonstrated the failure of Europe’s migration policy in particular and multiculturalism in general since the perpetrators were French and Belgian citizens.

For the party president, the security of Hungarian people is obviously the Number 1 priority but “I wonder if the government shares this view” – he referred to Fidesz’ earlier bill to amend the Constitution which “Fidesz itself finally allowed to fade out,” and which, in the Vona’s opinion, would have moved the political system towards a governance by decree. “The security of the people is the top priority but the government must ensure it along with the appropriate political guarantees that prevent any abuse of power,” Vona stated. The people’s party’s leader believes that Hungary’s government should consider Western European examples and the additional rights to prevent terror threats should be granted to law enforcement organizations rather than the government itself.

The show also discussed this week’s Orbán-Vona duel in Parliament, and the opposition leader repeated his question: Is Lőrinc Mészáros truly a talented businessman and that’s why he is “booming” or is he a stooge used by the PM to reap all this profit, just as ” Budapest folklore and the general public feels, thinks or believes”? Vona expressed his view that he, as the leader of the largest opposition party, must deal with this question.

Discussing the issues related to the National Roma Self-Government (NRSG), Gábor Vona stated that Jobbik spokesman Ádám Mirkóczki had called upon the government and Viktor Orbán several times to account for what was going on there, but the PM had always demonstrated his support for Flórián Farkas. In Vona’s view, what is going on in the NRSG is nothing but a debasement of Gypsy policy. As the opposition leader put it, it was indeed a debasement because if the leaders of the Gypsy community keep sending the message to their own people that they are unable to operate the organization decently and they steal public monies, (…), one can imagine how it would affect the society and the Gypsy minority.

Jobbik never denied that the Order and Integrity Programme that is being introduced in the town of Tiszavasvári was largely based on the Érpatak Model. Vona believes that Mayor Erik Fülöp made the right decision when he began to eliminate corruption, usury, the ignorance of public order and the persistent violations of public hygiene in line with the measures that had already proved successful in a smaller town, Érpatak. Talking about the results of the past few weeks, the party president called them “overwhelmingly positive.” The opposition leader expressed his hope that in cooperation with the authorities, other Jobbik-led towns will also be able to ensure that their citizens comply with the existing legal regulations.

Photo: MTI


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