Hungary, Coffewear, Budapest

Following the philosophy of “nothing is trash”, the small Budapest-based brand named Coffewear aims not to let your waste go unused and is dedicated to promoting upcycling in Hungary. Founded in 2017, Coffewear works with a wide range of wasted single-use materials – mainly coffee packaging, reused plastic, tea packaging, coffee capsule packaging, and tailoring waste – to promote zero-waste products and turn them into stylish products like wallets, bags, cases, and backpacks.

Csenge first started Coffewear as a side-project while she was still a university student, reports Kafkadesk. She studied textile design in Budapest and worked in Hamburg, Germany, during the summer. Csenge explains that it was not easy to launch this and simultaneously continue her studies, and she had to dedicate almost all of her free time to this project, but fortunately, her friends were there to help her.

Coffewear, Hungary, Budapest

“I had many friends working in coffee shops across Budapest and started reusing some of their packagings to create small accessories. They were mainly personal orders at the start, but I realised people really enjoyed them, and it slowly grew into the business I manage today”.

Budapest, Coffewear, Hungary

Later, Csenge partnered with many other coffee shops in Budapest, collecting their wasted materials and upcycling them for various purposes. Their aim is to create and sell daily accessories, including wallets and small bags, but also to create decorations for public and cultural events. Coffewear will continue to expand and widen its network outside of Budapest and aims to conquer Europe in the future.

Coffewear, Budapest

“We would very much like, and are seriously thinking about working abroad, including in Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic”.

Budapest, Hungary, Coffewear
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