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Top 50 most wanted Hungarian criminals

There are 49 criminals on the Hungarian Police’s wanted list at the moment, quite a lot of them are marked as especially dangerous. We will show you some of them so you know who to avoid in a dark alley.

Making it to the wanted list of the Hungarian Police is everything but easy. Those types of heavy-weights who will be sentenced to 5-10 years in jail for violent offences or who had already been sentenced but escaped are at the top of the list. If a person has committed at least 5 separate crimes of some kind, they will also be listed here. The Hungarian Police may also search for the offender if he or she is violent or abusive and has committed multiple violent acts or committed crime as part of a criminal group or organization.

On the top 50 list there is currently a single free place, as they have managed to capture one of them recently.

(This is not an insinuation though for a challenge to be accepted!) made a quite exciting list to go through as there are some faces who can be familiar even for you if you watch the news or read us. This mini list will contain those who are considered extremely dangerous and probably are on the run, being armed. Moreover, some of them are even wanted by Interpol. 

Zoltán Plank

He is the big fish on the list who made it to the covers in 2014 when they robbed two Chinese men in Budapest, together with his accomplices and they even got into a firefight. Zoltán escaped with his heist of 400 million forints (a little over one million euros), contrary to three of his partners who were captured. He is also accused of hiring a hitman to finish off one of his business partners. Luckily his man made a mistake and the victim survived, naming Zoltán as his potential aggressor.

Whoever finds him or has any information on his whereabouts with which he helps the Police, 1 million forints is offered as a reward.

Zoltán Plank

Marcell Cseh

Marcell has quite the repertoire of armed robbery and fraud, for which he has to answer, in case he is captured, of course. The career of the serial robber almost ended in 2017 when after robbing a jewellery, pizza delivery boys almost got him. Almost, as somehow he managed to escape. According to Blikk, the operation was executed with the help of his Russian girlfriend who pretended to be pregnant and said she needed to be driven to the hospital from the hotel they stayed at during the time of the robbery. They left in a hurry, and needless to say, without paying.

Cseh Marcell

Ferenc Sütő

Ferenc from Óbuda, who specialised in armed robberies also counts as one of the heavy-weights. He has been on the loose since 2016 when right before his trial he decided to get rid of his ankle bracelet and disappear into oblivion. Unluckily for him, the Police do not operate like that. Nevertheless, there has been no news on him ever since. He is regarded as particularly dangerous, he probably has a gun and is wanted for several robberies, escaping from the police and not starting his imprisonment. Better not bump into him.

Sütő Ferenc

Róbert Farkas

He was born in 1978 and he is a real veteran on the list, the first warrant against him was issued in 2002. The robber known as Varjú (Crow) was also linked to the Mór massacre, but it was later revealed that he had nothing to do with it. On the other hand, it is more than probable that he was part of a series of armed pawnshop robberies at the beginning of the 2000s, obtaining hundreds of millions of forints. He has been wanted for 18 years, for which the Police has changed his picture for a younger version in case an eye-witness from the old days recognizes him better this way. He is currently searched for in connection with ten robberies, and he was once on Europol’s wanted list.

Róbert Farkas

Igor Grubacs

This January, the Hungarian police has executed one of the biggest drug busts of the past years, seizing more than 80 kg of substances. The organiser of the transaction, the Croatia-born but Hungarian citizen Igor Grubacs managed to escape, leaving his luxury jeep behind. He has completely vanished. Not his money, though as according to the information given by Blikk, the Police once found 200 million forints of cash (over half a million euros) in one of his cars, saved for these specific manoeuvres of disappearance, for which he is apparently ready at any given second. He had been convicted of violent crimes on several occasions.

Igor Grubacs
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