In July raised the question when we would refill Budapest, now they happily announce that the project has started and not only in the capital. Not only catering establishments but stores and offices can join the initiation.

Most of us have experienced getting thirsty while walking around town and when we asked for a glass of water, we received an unpleasant grimace accompanying it. Obviously no one needs this. Following several successful Western European examples – Bristol, Berlin, Hamburg – now a network is about to be established in Hungary which enables us getting our glass of water without a frown.

Because wherever we see the stickers, it means they provide a glass of water without any other consumption. Meaning we do not have to purchase mineral water or a soda. It also helps lessening the number of unnecessarily purchased plastic bottles.

There is no need to read frightening statistics, it is enough to imagine the number of plastic bottles in circulation. We buy it, regardless we need it or not, and these probably end up in the trash can after just a few minutes.

In addition to industrial pollution, the inorganic waste that floods the planet is the biggest problem in waste matters. We recycle only 10% of plastic waste (globally) and we burn more than 10% of it.

The importance of this problem is beyond dispute, we need to avoid to increase further the plastic waste.

If it is possible, during the day we should carry a bottle we can refill and look for the REFILL stickers on the doors. It is questionable whether private apartments should join the network, as in some Western countries, but the emphasis is on creating a network based on catering services.

Besides, as we have reported before, Hungarian tap water is absolutely potable. It is clean even compared to EU standards and completely safe for consumption. Hungarian regulation is stricter in terms of testing parameters and permissible limits concerning water quality than many other European countries. website collects the places that joined on a map based search engine, and you can even contact the organisers on their Facebook page.



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