According to website, the new “big brother” speed cams are going to start working before the end of the year. There are 160 new equipments and they can be repositioned, thus can detect those drivers who overtake motorists at the barrage line as well as those who drive through the red light. Moreover, this new speed cam can also detect those drivers who forgot to fasten their seat belt.

The new “big brother” speed cams – the variable positioning complex transport checkpoints (vhKKEP in Hungarian) – officially start working on Hungarian roads soon.  The National Police Headquarters (ORFK in Hungarian) announced that the tender process of the 160 speed cams have already finished, thus the Police Station is going to start to use these equipments before the end of the year to track drivers on Hungarian roads. According to, these devices have 12 different functions so they are very useful.

As for the technical requirements, the 12 functions of the vhKKEP are:

  • checking the driving speed of road vehicles
  • automatic recognition of the license plate number of the vehicles
  • detecting the traffic
  • counting the traffic  by vehicle categories
  • detecting whether a driver crosses the barrage line
  • checking whether someone alters the required driving direction
  • checking whether someone enters a no-entry area
  • monitoring those vehicles which deliver dangerous goods
  • detecting unauthorized usage of emergency lanes and bus lanes
  • monitoring the railway crossings rules
  • checking whether the driver uses the lamps and turn signals as required
  • detecting whether the driver’s seat belt is fastened or not.

The National Police Headquarters also noted that their aims are to reduce the number of those motorists who violated traffic rules in accordance with EU and Hungarian standards. Therefore, the number of accidents could be decreased and possible outcome of the accidents can be less serious on the highways.

To sum it up, not only do speedsters have to be afraid of speed cams, but most of the offending drivers as well. Unfortunately, there is no information about what areas of the country these modern speed cams will start to work. According to the ORFK, the numbers of the current speed measuring devices in each police station won’t be reduced.

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translated by Valentina Leanyfalvi



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