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Referring to the study of Eurostat, Magyarorszá claims Hungarians are the laziest people all around Europe. But why exactly?

The study examines the population of the European Union.

As it turned out, Hungarians, both men and women, are the leaders of this not so fancy list.

Eurostat put their main focus on the household chores. 79% of women living in the EU are cooking and/ or doing housework every day, while this rate is significantly worse in Hungary with 56%. We are the 27th on the list which is not fancy, taking into consideration that the EU has 27 member states.

Men are not improving these data either: 34% of men are cooking and/or doing housework every day, while this rate is only 14% in Hungary. However, they are still not last in their category as the Bulgarian and Croatian men seem to be lazier.

An interesting fact is that Swedish people share these chores the most, while Greeks share them the less. Let’s have a look at the Nordic nation first: 74% of women and 56% of men are taking care of the housework while in Greece these rates are 85% for women and only 16% for men. Still better than us though.

Hungarian women are 23% while men are 20% below the European average.

However, the gap between the two sexes is below the average in Hungary: 42% in Hungary and 45% in Europe. On the other hand, it is not mentioned how much time one has for these chores. It only turned out that Hungarians seem not to like housework.

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  1. Sadly, I can vouch for Hungarians being lazy, in my village It is difficult to find people who want to work For Hungarian wages or even 5 times standard labourers wages. Most disappointing thing about Hungary. I hear lots of commentary about how poor most Hungarians are and yet when offered a chance to work they would rather sit at the bar and complain about being broke. I love Hungary but I find it difficult to get much done in the way of renewing my farm house.

  2. How does Eurostat get these results. I Hungarians are so poor and lazy, they sure as hell be going out to restaurants for breakfast lunch and dinner. Some one must be cooking at home. I’ve been in villages and have seen the people busily putting away preserves for winter, baking like crazy for celebrations and taking part in disznoules. Maybe there is a great difference between village and city folk.

  3. Even if Hungarians where lazy, this study shows nothing to back it up, there are so many unmentioned relevant factors to this.

    How much time do people use to get to and from work/grocery store on average, is just two of many relevant factors

    In my home city, people have above average longe distance to and from work and grocery store, So they cook less and do almost all their housework during their weekends. Obviously, my city would not do great in this study, just because they adjusted so that they could have a better day by day experience.

  4. I find the article quite misleading. Lazy = not doing chores every day? It could be efficient as well if all the work is grouped on specific days etc. Just because I go out to eat or clean my flat once a week entirely doesn’t mean I’m lazy I think. It could be because people spend more time at work and don’t have remaining time to do chores, maybe they spend it with family instead. So lazy….
    – A Hungarian

  5. I enjoy reading Daily News Hungary, but what is with all of the negativity? Why are the Hungarian reporters so enamoured about putting Hungarians down? Maybe some positives are warranted!

  6. I agree with all the above except “SEAN” the “Pubster”, Hungarians work hard. They are not your typical WALMART bunch. The fact is that more than 10kms outside of Budapest DT district. There are very very few restaurants, motels, etc.. that you would easily find in North America or West Europe. Prices start to come down a lot as the common folk cannot afford to go out and dine and party. These people have to work more to live as anything from appliances become luxuries. At the end of it, they are paid well below the West EU rates for the same work, are well educated, pay the same prices for western products and fuel as westerners do, and get taxed to the hilt. Most westerners would not be interpreted as “LAZY” as the article states, but instead be classified as ‘DEAD” from exhaustion.

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