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According to‘s report, Hungarian children have the worst teeth in Europe. The thorough analysis revealed that Hungarians’ oral health only gets worse as they get older. This is in slight contradiction with how healthy Hungarians consider themselves to be.

The European Dental Association’s findings of the sorry state of Hungarian children’s teeth are especially surprising, considering oral health care is mostly free for kids in Hungary.

The survey by the Council of European Dentists revealed that 12-year-olds have the worst teeth, as barely 12% of them have an entirely intact set of teeth. An average 6th-grader has at least 3 missing teeth – they either have a cavity, a filling or are removed.

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The Hungarian situation was analysed by the director of the Hungarian Medical Association’s Dental Department. Péter Hermann’s findings reveal that Hungarians’ oral health only gets worse by the time they reach adulthood.

In other European countries, decaying teeth are tended to much earlier and get a filling in time. In Hungary, by the time people go to the dentist, often the only option remaining is to remove the tooth completely.

On average, Hungarian 19-year-olds have around 5 teeth missing, and this number is basically doubled by the time they reach 45.

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