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Photo: MTI, Balázs Mohai

For the third week of the Advent period, it seems like winter weather will finally have arrived. For the most part of the week, expect the weather to be cold, with possible snowing on several days. It promises to be the perfect time to get into the holiday spirit by cosying up at home with a Christmas movie or keeping warm with mulled wine outside.


Monday brings rain in both the Eastern and Western parts of Hungary. Though the day promises to be cloudy, the sun may peek through in various points of the country. Early in the morning, there is a minimal chance for sleet in the North-East, while the evening might bring snow instead. Winds will strengthen throughout the day, especially in the West. The temperature is expected to be between -2 and +4 degree Celsius during the night, while the day will be slightly warmer, with the temperature between +4 and +9 degree Celsius.


Most of Tuesday promises to be cloudy, with the sun occasionally making an appearance mostly in the East. Some parts of the country can expect snow or sleet, while the South-West is more likely to get rain. The days and nights are going to get colder than Monday’s, with the temperature being between -5 and +1 degree Celsius at night and +1 and +7 during the day.


The days are definitely getting colder, and there will be more chance for snow and sleet. In the West, it is likely to remain rain. At night, the temperature seems to remain above 0; however, it will probably not be warmer than +4 degree Celsius during the day.


Thursday will be cloudy all over, with less chance of seeing the sun in the South. Snowing will most likely hit the Southern counties. The wind promises to stay mild. At night, the temperature can fall to -6 degree Celsius while it is unlikely to rise above 0 degree Celsius. During the day, the temperature can be expected to stay between 0 and +3 degree Celsius.


Getting closer to the weekend, we can expect a thick blanket of cloud covering the country. The chances for snowing are increasing, especially in the West and South-West. At night, the temperature can fall between -6 and -1 degree Celsius while during the day, it will be between -1 and +3 degree Celsius.

The weekend

Over the weekend, the trends of the weekdays will fortify. We can expect rain, snow and sleet all over the country, with the wind picking up as well. The temperature seems to remain around 0 degree Celsius.

Featured image: MTI, Balázs Mohai

Source: Daily News Hungary

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