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Even though a 7-day weather forecast is quite uncertain, significant cooling down is expected so prepare your warmest sweaters. From Thursday, it might even snow, csodalatosbalaton.hu reports. Let’s see how the run up to Christmas looks like weather-wise.

Monday: The weather will be particularly cloudy in the Central region of the country where snowing or sleeting can also be expected. There will be no precipitation anywhere else in Hungary on Monday.

Tuesday: You can charge your vitamin D supplies on Tuesday because the sun will shine for several hours in various parts of the country.

Tuesday is the day when the temperature drops significantly. The lowest temperature will be between -10°C and -4°C. It might be even colder in the Northern Mountain Range.

Wednesday: The weather will be cloudy East from the Danube where light snowfalls, flurries can be expected in the afternoon as well as in the evening.  The temperature will be the same as the day before with a lowest between -10°C and -4 °C.

Thursday: In the Great Hungarian Plain, there will be sunshine, while precipitation is expected everywhere else in the country: in Transdanubia, snow, sleet and rain are to be expected.

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Friday: Snowfall and sleeting are expected on the Tiszántúl (beyond Tisza) and Transdanubia. The wind also gets stronger in many parts of the country. The temperature will rise slightly: the lowest will be between -4°C and 3°C, but during the day it will be between 0°C and 6°C.

Saturday: The sun will come out but only for a short period of time. Rain, strong winds, even gales are expected.

Sunday: On Christmas Eve, snow flurries are expected together with a stronger wind. However, the sun will shine for several hours. The lowest temperature will be between -5°C and 0°C, the highest will be between 0°C and 4°C.

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Source: www.csodalatosbalaton.hu

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