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Salgótarján, 2018. április 30. Villámlás Salgótarján felett 2018. április 30-ra virradó éjjel. MTI Fotó: Komka Péter reports that the upcoming days will be characterised by varying weather conditions: sunshine will be accompanied by showers here and there. The temperature will ease a bit, but it will still reach 20-25° Celsius.


The week kicks off with bright and slightly cloudy skies and sunny weather that can turn into rainstorms in the afternoon hours in north-eastern regions. The wind is expected to intensify and even end up being frantic in the north of the Great Hungarian Plain.

Minimum temperature will be around 11-14° Celsius, while the maximum can reach 24-25° Celsius.


The second day of the week will bring about the combination of sunshine, showers and stormy wind. Minimum temperatures will fluctuate between 8 and 14° Celsius, while maximum temperatures will be around 20-26° Celsius.


The north-eastern third of the country will more than probably be hit by rain, showers and frantic wind conditions. The minimum temperature is expected to remain between 8-14° Celsius, while the maximum will vary around 22-27° Celsius.


The weather will continue the pattern: sunshine mixed with showers in certain regions. Minimum temperature: 10-15° Celsius.

Maximum temperature: 24-28° Celsius.

Friday and weekend

No new thing under the sun: there will be both sunny and rainy periods. However, the wind will strengthen and even turn stormy. The temperature is expected to be around 10-16° Celsius in the coldest hours.

The maximum temperature will reach 23-28° Celsius on Friday, 22-27° Celsius on Saturday and 20-27° Celsius on Sunday.

Featured image: MTI


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