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According to, the daily maximum temperature record was broken last Sunday, as the last weekend of August brought sultriness and temperatures over 38° Celsius.

The Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) reported that until now, the maximum temperature on the 27th of August was 38° Celsius, which was recorded in Jászberény in 1992.

This 25-year-old heat record was broken in Békéssámson and Kübekháza last Sunday when the daily maximum temperature reached 38.1° Celsius at both stations. The highest temperature was recorded at the station of Szikáncs, which belongs to Hódmezővásárhely in Csongrád County. The new daily heat record is 38.4° Celsius.

At the peep of the day, the heat record of dawn was also broken in the capital city and thus the whole country. The morning temperature was 23.9° Celsius on János Hill.

It was previously stated that the front coming from the north would end the sultriness Sunday night. This is why cloudy and windy weather can be expected on Monday. Downpour and rain might occur in the southern regions. Fresh air and a temperature of 25-30° Celsius can be expected in the afternoon.

Tuesday and Wednesday bring the Queen’s weather with a morning temperature of 16° Celsius and an afternoon temperature of 27° Celsius. Sunny weather and increasing warming can be expected from Thursday until Saturday. The temperature will reach 30° Celsius in most places. The good weather will stay on Sunday as well, however, cumulus might occur dispersedly.

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