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Weather: storms ease the great heat in Hungary

Weather: storms ease the great heat in Hungary

This week’s weather will show everything: heat, clouds, thunderstorms, showers and stormy wind. Tuesday and Wednesday will provide great weather, while Thursday marks the turning point and brings some cooling down. The great heat will not come back up until next week, probably around Tuesday or Wednesday.

In addition to the great amount of sunshine, a few clouds will also appear in the sky on Tuesday. Showers and thunderstorms may appear occasionally, but they will not be considerable. The southerly wind will get stronger and bring some hot air to Hungary. It will be a scorching day throughout the country with the highest temperature of 30-35 degree.

Wednesday‘s weather will resemble that of the previous day: it will be a sunny and hot day with only occasional thunderstorms. The highest temperature will be between 32 and 37 degree. The heat will affect the southern regions the most, while the southerly wind may get strong in many regions of the country.

The weather of Thursday marks the turning point, as clouds will appear and they will result in thunderstorms and showers. The southerly, souther-westerly wind will even get stormy, its strength may reach 40 km/h. The rainfall and stormy wind will cool the air down, so the highest the temperature can get will be between 28 and 34 degree.

There will be no radical changes in Friday‘s weather. In the morning it will be a little cloudy, while in the afternoon more and more clouds will appear and cause showers and thunderstorms throughout Hungary. The westerly, south-westerly wind will remain strong, though a bit weaker than that of Thursday. Its strength will be around 31 km/h. The highest temperature will be around 29 degree.

Saturday will keep cooling the air down. Cloudy and rainy weather can be expected. The highest temperature will be around 20 degree in the constantly rainy regions, while other parts of the country may have 25 degree as well. Sunday will not bring notable rainfall, though the wind will get strong again. The temperature will be around 25 degree, similarly to Saturday.

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