Press release – The time has come for not having to pilgrimage to Czechia for a good indoor beer festival: this year for the second time we can also indulge ourselves with a cavalcade of beers, with UNLIMITED BEER TASTING at the Serfőző Indoor Beer Festival, held between February 17-19, in all the halls of Hotel Gellért.

Because a beer is more than just a beer, be it either 40 degrees Celsius outside or cold as in the Arctic, a mug of beer is always the perfect reason for friendly chats, rewarding a tiresome day and kicking off unforgettable nights. Jointly organized by Serfőző (Beer Brewer) and Danubius Hotel Gellért, one can worship and enjoy almost 100 handcraft beers and miracles of beer gastronomy on the weekend of February 17-19. During the two festival days we can taste excellent products of local Hungarian and international brewers, without having to leave one of the nicest hotels of Budapest.

Although beer in Hungary is commonly referred to as „liquid bread”, a few bites to accompany it will come handy. The assortment of Beer Dinner is the perfect solution, as the Gellért Brasserie presents a 5-course beer dinner with excellent food and beer specialties. Continuing the gastro line, the delicacies of László Héjja, head chef of Gellért will spoil guests, creating the platform for drinks – while on Sunday the week ends with an all-you can-eat Monarchy Beer brunch.

Opening hours

February 17, Friday 16:00 – 24:00
February 18, Saturday 16:00 – 24:00
February 19, Sunday 12:00 – 15:00

Each ticket for festival days comes with a beer mug with a logo and unlimited beer tasting. On Sunday during the Beer Brunch we offer unlimited consumption. Like it?

Then come and join us in the Gellért on 17-18-19 February!


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