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A number of countries worldwide offer attractive business climates, through their taxation regimes, their open policies towards foreign investments or through their location in a certain region. Business hubs tend to share two or more of these characteristics and investors can choose among the top rated locations for doing business based on their goals to reach a certain market or to develop the company and cut costs in certain areas (such as for business taxation, for example). If you are looking to expand your business, we present a number of countries that are worth taking into consideration.

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 Asian countries for business expansion

 Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur are notable choices for those investors looking to expand their business in Asia.

Investors can set up a subsidiary by opening a limited company in Singapore or they can consider opening a branch, which is simply the extension of the parent company. Both Singapore and Hong Kong offer a low-taxation regime and an easy company set-up process. Choosing the right business form is an important decision, regardless of the jurisdiction, and one that will influence the costs for business expansion and the complexity of the set-up process.

Hong Kong and Singapore are attractive options for business expansion not only because of the business regime but also because of their location and the fact that English is an official language.

 Options for business expansion in Europe

Investors can also expand their business in Europe and take advantage of the EU common rules and regulations for the unified market. Countries that offer attractive business opportunities include Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands or Ireland. The GmbH in Germany is the most widely used business form, as it offers limited liability to investors and it has lower minimum share capital requirements compared to the joint-stock company. Corresponding business forms for the private limited liability company are available in all of the European countries listed herein.

Apart from company formation, another issue to consider when expanding a company to Europe is the taxation regime. In this respect, Ireland offers attractive taxes for companies as well as a beneficial regime for foreign investors.

The local economy, the policies for foreign investors as well as the tax laws are important issues to consider when deciding to expand the business. Entrepreneurs will find multiple opportunities abroad, however, the choice should be made based on the existing business goals and by seeking out the possible international opportunities.

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