More and more tourists visit Hungary from Great Britain which shows that the reputation of the country is still in its prime. The number of tourists from all over the globe also increases day by day, and statistics reveal that the guests have a great time in Hungary. But what are the reasons and influential factors behind this?

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Világgazdaság reported that tourism is one of the most important financial areas in Hungary. Since 2010, the number of tourists arriving doubled, and in 2018, these people spent almost 2,000 billion HUF while spending their time in Hungary (6 million EUR). Tourism also helps to shape the country’s image in foreign people’s eyes who usually plan their next trip to another country at the end of every year, as statistics revealed.

Unfortunately, events that shaped Hungary’s image in a negative way also have to be mentioned. Many people were concerned about visiting Budapest when the tragedy happened to Hableány, a ship that carried Korean tourists on the River Danube.

Many English people plan their winter trips or New Years’s Eve celebrations to Hungary, especially Budapest. While planning, they are also keen on sharing their opinions and plans with others, spreading the opportunities and excitement about the Hungarian capital. Usually, they chat with their relatives and acquaintances before travelling, while they are here in Hungary, and after they return home.

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While spending time in Hungary, these people love to share pictures, videos, stories, and short stories on their social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Popular topics regarding Hungary are health tourism and the classic, monumental sights in Budapest usually observed by travelling around with Hop On–Hop Off tourist buses. Brits are amazed about the country’s bathing culture and the monumental thermal baths of Budapest, like Széchenyi and Gellért, which are also among the classic sights of the capital.

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The party district of Budapest has incredible popularity among Brits, and many of them organise stag and bachelorette parties here.

Surprisingly, not only Budapest is on the list while organising a party. The area of Lake Balaton, wine regions, and popular Hungarian festivals like VOLT, Balaton Sound, or Sziget are also favourable destinations. Other popular factors are gastronomy, which is sought after all across the country, and major sports events like the European Championships and other games in Budapest.

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