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A study conducted by K&H reveals the good and bad habits of Hungarian drivers. As it turns out, they use their phones while driving, speed regularly, and they tend to park illegally, but at least they do not drive under the influence.

If you are regularly on the roads of Hungary, it can be useful to know one or two things about the driving habits of the locals. A study conducted by K&H asked Hungarian drivers between the ages of 30 and 59 about their driving habits, and the results are very interesting, Szeretlekmagyarország reports.

The study touched upon issues like speeding, the use of mobile devices while driving, and parking habits as well.

Fast, but sober

Only 33% of the respondents reported that they never go over the speed limit, but 96% of them said that they never get behind the wheel if they had consumed alcohol.

91% of respondents reported abiding by the rules when it comes to giving way or stopping at a stop sign. Hungarian drivers also pay serious attention to traffic lights (86%).

Based on the study, 67% of Hungarian drivers are casually or regularly speeding, and only 33% of them respect the speed limits at all times.

In Hungary, the minimum fine for speeding is 92 Euros, but the fine can go up to 900 Euros.

Interestingly, the data also revealed that drivers with higher income tend to speed more: 74% of drivers in the higher income group do not abide by the speed limit.

Another study was conducted recently by Groupama about Hungarian drivers. That survey revealed a few interesting facts as well. For example, 51% of Hungarians consider themselves co-operative, calm and proactive drivers, which are all characteristics of a defensive driver. Read our full article for more information.












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