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What Hungarians searched for this year

What Hungarians searched for this year

Google published the top list of Internet search trends in 2017. collected the top Google searches of Hungarians, although they find it quite suspicious since it does not contain any 18+ content.

Trending searches in 2017 in Hungary

The most searched expression of 2017 was Black Friday. It seems like it is more and more popular in Hungary, too, especially since it is mostly an online event for Hungarians. The second was Eurovision,

the third: FINA. The FINA World Championships was held in Budapest in the summer of 2017,

no wonder Hungarians were excited about it. The next on the list is smog alert, then fidget spinner, the popular game of 2017. The 6th on the list is X-Factor, the music talent show, the 7th is clock changes. In Hungary, we set the clocks from 3 am to 2 am on the 29th of October this year. Hungarians like tech gadgets too, iPhone8 ranked the 8th place. Then comes stats Royale, and Chester Bennington: there are many Hungarian Linkin Park fans, and the death of the singer shook many people.


Events of the year

It seems that Hungarians like music and sports: Eurovision finished in the first place here, FINA in the second. We like movies and movie stars too, Oscar finished in the third place. As I have mentioned, Hungarians are huge Linkin Park fans: the band is in the 4th place, VOLT Festival, where they performed a show in the summer, in the 5th. Then sports again: Andorra-Hungary is in the 6th place, the Handball World Championship is in the 7th. The Titanic exhibition in Budapest was really popular too, it ranks 8th place in the event category. Wimbledon and Campus festival are among the top 10 too.

Sports events of the year

Hungarians like sports, or at least watching those, so sports events were very popular among Hungarians: FINA ranked first place here, Andorra-Hungary the second and Handball World Championship the third. After these come Wimbledon and Tour de France. 6th is Hungarian-Portuguese 7th is FIFA Confederations Cup. Then Hungary-Costa Rica, the 9th Roland Garros and the 1st Formula 1.

Festivals of the year

Interestingly, it was not Sziget Festival that ranks the first place, but VOLT, Sziget is only in the 4th place. The second and third are Campus and EFOTT, Művészetek Völgye is also in the top 5.

The most popular TV Shows

The first is X-Factor, followed by Exes in the Eden (Exek az édenben), Survivor, Luxury Wives (Feleségek luxuskivitelben), Stranger Things, Asia Express, Marriage at First Sight (házasság első látásra), Our Little Village (A mi kis falunk), See You Tomorrow (Holnap tali) and Fatmagül.

The most searched-for movies

The movie Hungarians searched for the most in 2017, is IT. The second one is a Hungarian movie, Pappa Pia. Thor: Ragnarok, Mindenki (Sing), Kincsem, A Bad Moms Christmas, Everything Everything, The Fate of the Furious, Fifty Shades of Dark and Dunkirk are also in the top 10.

Top 5 Hungarian movies

The first three movies, Pappa Pia, Sing and Kincsem are in the overall top 10 too, Budapest Noir and On Body And Soul also ranks on this list.

Top 10 Recipes

The first one is a classic, that everyone likes: chicken breast. The second is a soup: Frankfurt soup. After that comes slime. The fourth one is stuffed cabbage, a traditional Hungarian dish, the fifth is rice shape. Emperor’s crumbs, roast a la Brasov, honey cake, beef-stew with paprika and Mirinda cake also made the list. Seems like Hungarians love their traditional foods, because four out of ten dishes on the list are traditional foods.


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