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Budapest has been paralysed by the parade which consisted of fans marching for EURO 2020 matches. Thousands of people were marching through the city, from Heroes’ Square to Puskás Arena. But who is behind the spectacular marches?

According to Telex, members of the Carpathian Brigade fan group were organising and leading the marches in black t-shirts, carrying a huge poster labelled “Hungary,” firing red, white, and green smoke bombs.

The Carpathian Brigade is the national team’s “official”, united fan base. Deutsche Welle called them “a neo-Nazi ultra group made up of members of extreme-right groups from across Hungarian football, united behind the national team” in a recent article about the proposal of illuminating the Munich arena in rainbow colours for the Hungarian match.


Posted by Carpathian Brigade '09 on Saturday, June 19, 2021

HVG claims that despite their often harsh or radical expressions and actions, the Carpathian Brigade has greatly improved the mental state of the Hungarian stands.

The Carpathian Brigade was formed in 2009. It is not a team of committed fans from different clubs but is made up of people who are specifically fans of the national team. They are responsible for the flags and posters, the chanting, and the general atmosphere at matches. Although they do not have a specific political background, there are many right-wingers among them.

According to HVG, while it is characteristic of Hungarian football fans that they hate the other teams and their fan base, the goal of the Carpathian Brigade, with its 50-100 core members, was to gather all Hungarian football fans and show a united Hungarian support base.

However, HVG says the scene is changing.

The big turn in the perception of supporters came at a time when, after a long period of failure, the national team began to perform well. It was at the 2016 European Championships that tens of thousands of people found themselves marching along the streets of Marseille with the ultras when people realised everyone had a place in the stands, regardless of political views.

The Brigade now not only pays attention to the uniform appearance (black t-shirt with the white inscription of ‘Hungary’), but they also emphasise that no one should be unacceptably drunk, everyone should bring enough water and “behave worthy of the occasion” at matches.

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Source: Telex, HVG, Deutsche Welle, 444

  1. Basicly, Orban’s brown shirts in action. The 5XL autocrat must he very proud of these nazi squads.

  2. Have they been sexualized ?
    What category will the Prime Minister and his Party place them in ?

  3. Come on guys,
    Hungarians have always had strong identities.
    Why do you twisted people have to dirty everything that is pure and comes from the heart.
    People have been ‘locked-up’ because of restrictions and suddenly they were allowed to let
    out their joy and exuberance.
    Further more, IT WAS FOOTBALL on an international level.
    SHAME ON YOU………….

  4. As always the Daily News has to call everyone it disagrees with as Far Right. But it has not once has called BLM Antifa etc as Far Left!
    Daily News does not dare criticise BLM or Antifa marches which ALWAYS end in millions of dollars of damages to shops buildings businesses and historical statues.
    This “story” is the result of the German DW aim to remove Orban and install another puppet in a central European country. Exactly the same methods that were used in the 1930’s.

  5. Agree.
    National Pride.
    Love of Hungary support this – Fantastic – BUT we must ensure it’s Orderly.
    Orderly sends another important message to the “blindness” of the world, that we Hungarians are United standing together ready to front the challenges as our history reads, that are before us.
    Sport plays an important role in uniting a country and our national team, whisper comment, are on the improve.
    Let us Hope.
    United – we Must Stand.
    Divided – we Will Fall.

  6. I was surprised to see people dessicrating the beautiful flag of Hungary by wearing it. Soccer is such a national sport that naturally people will want to show support & celebrate any effort made by the players. Being drunk, smoking & throwing butts everywhere, being obnoxious demeans the entire country in the eyes of those watching Hungarians & judging our character.

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