Hosszú Katinka

Csaba Sós, head coach of the Hungarian national swimming team, has been interviewed in Sport TV’s program Mai Helyzet and spoke about Katinka Hosszú ’s current performance, reports Hír24.hu.

According to the captain, Katinka is getting better and better, and she is in the best age to take part in professional competitions. As he said in Mai Helyzet:

“This is a measurable sport, and we can see that her time is not far from her very best. I said the same when she first came to train without Shane (Tusup, her ex-husband): It’s incredible how vigorously she competes and it is awesome how she tears everyone apart in the swimming pool. You could see this during the FINA Swimming World Cup, just rewatch the 100m individual medley and the 200m butterfly.”

He explained to Erzsébet Fazekas, TV presenter of Mai Helyzet, how it was hard to communicate with her earlier, but it is completely vice versa now.

“She wants to win and swim so much that she is able to handle unbearable pains. This is really good news for us, because she is in the perfect age to compete.”

– said the captain.

He said that he has been in a good relationship with Katinka’s new coach, Árpád Petrov, for a long time and he can call him 24/7 if he needs to, which makes working together much easier.

He added that Hungary continuously brings good results in swimming; there were only two competitions since 1970 where Hungary did not win any silverware, and in one of these, we could not even win anything, as Hungary boycotted the 1984 Olympics Games in Los Angeles. The fact that the Hungarian swimmers are always successful can be owed to the coaches.

“Coaches were always working here. Even though some may have some scandals outside the institution, coaches are not taking part in those. They get up at 4:30 and they are already at the pool at 5:30 in the morning, and stay until 19:00 in the evening. They are working hard all the time: on their weekends and all summer long. This is the cost of our continuous successes. We have won 40 medals already this year in world series, and 23 of these are gold” – he said.

Featured Image: MTI/Czagány Balázs

Source: 24.hu

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