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In this article, you can find out what you will need to say when you are in Hungary, and you would like to get to the airport, get to your hotel or get to your train from the train station.

Hungarian Pod is an excellent way for you to start learning the Hungarian language or restart if you have already learned it for some time. With regular and systematical studying, you can acquire the language. Let’s see these language cards for tourists.

Direction words:

It is essential to start with direction words like left, right, north or west, but it is also important to know the right pronunciation of these words.

10 direction words in Hungarian

10 direction words in Hungarian with pronunciation:

Front: eleje (eh-le-ye) – back: hátulja (ha-tool-ya)

Right: jobb (yobb); to the right: jobbra (yobb-ra) – left: bal (as it writes), to the left: balra

North: észak (ai-suck) – South: dél (dale) – East: kelet – West: nyugat (n’u-gaat)

Inside: belül (beh-lu’l) – outside: kívül (kee-v’ul)

Unique Hungarian vowels with accents like: á, é, ó, ú are similar to their non-accent pairs: a,e,o,u. The difference is in the length of these sounds. The ones with accents are the longer ones.

These vowels do not exist in the English alphabet, but similar sounds are pronounced: ö,ő,ü,ű.

For the right vowel pronunciation, it is worth watch this video or play Hungarian words on Google Translator.

Useful words when at the airport:

Airplane words in Hungarian

You may come across with these words on an aeroplane or at airports, but obviously signs are mostly written in English. However, when you are visiting Hungary on a WizzAir plane, for example, and want to visit the bathroom and you only see MELLÉKHELYSÉG and VÉSZKIJÁRAT signs, then it might be hard to figure out which direction to go to.

Other common words at Budapest Airport:

WC/Bathroom: Wc or mellékhelység, toalett

Flight number: Járatszám (yah-rat-sam)

Gate number#: #Kapu (ka-poo)

Carry-on baggage: Kézipoggyász (kay-zee-pod’-d’as)

Flight attendant: légikísérő (lay-ghee-kee-shae-ro’)

Note that Hungarian ‘s’ is pronounced as ‘sh’ and Hungarian ‘sz’ is pronounced as ‘s’!

Economy class: turista osztály (too-rish-ta os-tay)

Note that Hungarian language has two kinds of ‘y’ sounds! One is ‘j’ and the other is ‘ly’. Both are pronounced the same (‘y’). It is due to the former Hungarian letter ‘ly’ that we still write it in modern Hungarian, and now because of traditional reasons that we use both of them in written language. Do not worry! It is hard for Hungarians, too, to learn what to write with j and ly.

Hotel phrases:

Hotel phrases in Hungarian

These sentences and questions are typical when you are arriving or leaving your Hungarian hotel. If you try to learn and memorise them, with the help of the vowel and consonant pronunciation tips above, you will succeed at your Hungarian hotel. 😉

Other useful expressions:

Which room?: Melyik szoba? 

Room with one bed: Egyágyas szoba

Room with double bed: Franciaágyas szoba

Do not forget to type these sentences into Google translator and play them, to make sure that you are pronouncing them the right way.

Train station phrases:

Hungarian phrases you need at the train station

You may come to Hungary by train, too, or getting on a train from Budapest to Balaton, to go to the “Hungarian sea”.

Other key words, when at a train station in Hungary:

Tickets: Jegyek or jegypénztár, maybe kassza.

Departing trains: Induló vonatok (indulni means to departure and induló means the one that are departing)

Arriving trains: Érkező vonatok (érkezni means to arrive and érkező means arriving with the same logic)

Transfer: Átszállás

Exact time: A pontos idő or Pontos idő

Reserved seat ticket: Helyjegy (pronounced: hey-yed’)

Ticket: Menetjegy

At a Hungarian restaurant:

In a Hungarian restaurant

Other sentences when shopping somewhere or eating out at a restaurant:

How much is it?: Mennyibe kerül?

Can you help me, please: Segítene, kérem

Thank you very much: Köszönöm szépen (I thank you), Köszönjük szépen (we  thank you)

We hope that you have found this article useful and interesting, and good luck with practicing Hungarian sentences when travelling in our country! 🙂

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