Recently many research was completed about sexism regarding the effects on women and how they feel about the topic. Data revealed the opinion of Hungarians on sexist jokes and behaviour at workplaces. 

Pénzcentrum reported that in 2018, 67% of the women in the European Union countries had a permanent workplace, but still more men are registered to have a job than women. In Hungary, the situation is the same. Ipsos measured 27 different countries, including Hungary, about what women and men think about sexism at the workplace.

Fewer women have problems with making complements for the same sex than men, and they also consider hugging someone crying to comfort more acceptable than men. On the contrary, male workers accept telling sexist jokes more than women and asking someone out on a date.

81% of Hungarian women prefer to be hugged by another college to feel comfort, while only 71% of Hungarian men think the same. Hungarians believe that it is the worst if they cannot work overtime, or they have to put family before work. Globally, people tend to include having a part-time job and sharing personal information at the workplace. It is women who suffer more if they have to put their family first, and their career only after that, and not men. 

Only 36% of Hungarians think that women and men are treated equally at workplaces which is amongst the lowest numbers in the EU. Globally this number is 41%. 

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Featured image: Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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