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Of course, we cannot see the top of the blocks while walking around in the capital. But if you glance at them through Google Maps, says, you will soon recognize small roof terraces on the top of quite a lot of buildings. They can serve as the island of calm where you could hide from the bustle.

As spring arrives, weather makes it possible to spend free time open-air. However, it is not that easy if you live in a big city like Budapest. Therefore, those who can lie in their deck-chair on their terrace on the top of the block, above the city, can feel privileged. But having a flat with a terrace on the top, right in the middle of the centre, is quite rare.

This is how the value of the flat grows with a terrace

The fact is that flats with a terrace are more valuable. 50% of the basic area of a traditional terrace is to be added to the area of the flat. In the case of a terrace with an area larger than 20 square metres, one-third or one-fourth of the area is to be added to the area of the flat. But, notes, if the area of the terrace is 100 square metres, it does not necessarily infer duplication in the value. This is the very reason why it is not easy to determine the exact value of a flat with a roof terrace. They are individual solutions, so it is difficult to find similar ads.

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

So, how much?

Browsing the most well-known real estate websites, it turns out, claims, that a flat with roof terrace is now being available for about 129 420 Euros. For this amount you can buy a 42-square-metre flat in the 8th district. In the 6th district, the cheapest flat with a roof terrace costs about 158 538 Euros, but simiar flats may cost an arm and a leg.

Formerly, it was not the case, but these days, more and more roof terraces – belonging to the flats on the top floor – are built, offering great relaxation to the owner of the flat.

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