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A Hungarian news website asked Hungarians living in the United Kingdom when they would decide to return home. They got some pretty interesting answers, check them out below.

If people did not vote on corrupt parties… asked those Hungarians who voted in the European Parliament elections in the Embassy of Hungary in London. Their survey is, of course, not representative, but its results are still exciting.

A woman in her 30s said that a lot of things should change but mostly how people think about the world because she sees that

those living in Hungary are serving a dictatorship-like system.

A man added that he would return home if nobody ever voted again for Fidesz, the Democratic Coalition or Jobbik – Movement for a Better Hungary, because this would mark that something has changed in the head of the people. He highlighted that life is better in all Eastern-European countries, and the environment is more predictable than in Hungary.

Other people said that in London they do not have to deal with Hungarian politics and that is very good. A man stated that

if people did not vote on parties that are corrupt

and that always tell lies, he would move home.

Money is not that decisive

Another middle-aged man mentioned that British people are more open-minded than Hungarians, for example, it happened once that he sat in a café and talked to a complete stranger for 15 mins, which is unimaginable in Hungary.

A young girl said that she would be happy if Hungarians were not so malevolent because this is what the current government utilises.

A young man said that in the United Kingdom people first work and they talk only after that while in Hungary this is vice versa. If this changed, he would move home.

Another young woman said that it is good that wages are higher now in Hungary but

she misses appreciation.

“Here they thank you for your work, but nobody does so in Hungary” – she added. 

A young man added that there is a hierarchic system in Hungary at the workplace, and it takes years until one can get a better position. He said that there is a destructive environment in Hungary that baulks achieving common goals. However, he has become somehow “more Hungarian” since he moved to the UK.

A girl said that because of the family benefits many decided already to move home.

As we reported before, an OECD report of 2018 June said that

approximately 1 million people left Hungary in the past decade.

Skilled workers usually emigrate to Germany and Austria while people with a university degree continue their studies in the UK. Many experts say that the percentage of emigration is still not dramatic. On the other hand, the number of emigrated students with a degree is the highest in Hungary among European countries.

The Demographic Research Institute of the Hungarian Central Statistics Office reported in 2018 that the percentage of emigration dropped in the recent few years and many people who left Hungary in the past years come back. However, nobody can tell whether this is really a turning point, and the trend will become permanent or not.

We wrote HERE that Hungary’s Central Statistical Office estimates that currently, 260,000-350,000 Hungarians live abroad while the UN reckons it is closer to 600,000.


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  1. The life standards are improving in Hungary. The government is determined to protect its own people. Obviously there’s no place like home. And many Hungarians living abroad would love to return if they see a good prospect.

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