Even though the weather does not imply this, but you can still ski in Hungary. There is a variety from the quiet tracks of Dobogókő to the Austrian feeling of Mátraszentistván. A test of ski tracks from the Bakony to Visegrád.

Many people find the thought of skiing in Hungary ridiculous: it is not an Alpine country, there is hardly any snow. On the other hand, skiing abroad can be very costly; the beginners can save a lot of money if they learn the basics here. This way, the foreign experience will be bigger, and buying the ski pass will be worth more. Hungary will never be an Alpine country, but the goal is to make more and more people love the sport, and the conditions are perfect for this.

Let’s see the Hungarian tracks! All in all, there are 14 snowy and 20 dry ski slopes, 68 ski lifts, and 26 ski schools.


It is the cradle of Hungarian skiing, at the highest point of Hungary. This is one of the oldest ski slopes of Hungary; and since 2003, there has been major investments and developments. In case of proper snow conditions, skiers can use two slopes: the 1.8 km South track, and the legendary exciting North track. Those who want to get back to the hilltop can use the ski bus, as currently the ski lift is not expanded to the whole track.It is interesting that on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, there are night skiings on the South track, with lights and music. The North track can only be used when there is at least 40 cm natural snow, as snowmaking is prohibited because of environmental issues.

Are there huts? Yes, there are. There is a smaller, circular bar at the South track, and there is also an á la carte restaurant in the Kékesi Guest House. A self-service restaurant awaits those who would like to finish lunch quicker at the top of the North track. The bar of the TV tower is surprisingly cheap, and the panorama is beautiful.

Where to rent equipment? At the ski rental next to the TV tower and the self-service restaurant.

How much is a day pass? The day pass for adults is 4900 HUF, it is 3800 HUF for half a day.

Is there snow? Even if there is no snow in the city, there is a lot on the hill. Ensure with the help of the webcamera.

Any developments in the future? There are several long-term plans for the next 35 years: expanding the ski lift for the entire length of the South track and improving the North track.


There are 10 shorter tracks, and 8 ski lifts, and a ski school, too. Those who cannot ski can snowtube or sit in a hut. It can be felt that the operators try to create an authentic skiing atmosphere. In many of their advertisements, they say “a tiny Austria in the Mátra, and people really get this feeling here. There are beginner and slalom tracks (according to the FIS classification) as well, which means that this place is also suitable for international competitions. You can choose from 2 kinds of ski lifts. In the evenings, night skiing and festivals are often organized. It is perfect for those who want to taste the feeling of skiing for the first time.

Are there huts? There are two huts: “Rönk” is near the slope, and “Hóhatár” is just like a cozy Austrian hut with wood paneling.

Where to rent equipment? The rental is next to the parking lot. The workers are very kind and effective.

How much is a day pass? It costs 5500 HUF, the half-day pass is 4500 HUF.

Is there snow? It is worth checking the webcam. Currently, there is a lot.

Any developments in the future? More slopes are to be built, to attract families and beginners. Also, the new ski lift is expected to be finished in 2017.


A nice ski track not far from Budapest. It has 8 ski lifts, many snowmakers, a ski school,  and a view of the Citadel from the terrace of the hut. Basically, these ski slopes are also for beginners, but if the  conditions are proper, advanced skiers can enjoy themselves, too. The operator does his best to provide a perfect experience for visitors. In the evenings, the tracks are lit, and skiing is allowed. For non-skiers, there are snowtubing and sledge tracks, as well.

Are there huts? One simple hut, with a sunny terrace. The prices are affordable.

Where to rent equipment? The rental is next to the hut.

How much is a day pass? At weekends, the 8-hour pass is 4500 HUF, the 4-hour one is 4000 HUF. There are significant discounts in the evenings and on weekdays.

Is there snow? It is also worth watching the webcam. Although the slope is very low, snow endures for a surprisingly long time.


There is one long and steep track. Beginners can leave the ski lift at the middle of the slope, it is not that dangerous down from that. On weekdays, because of the lack of people, peace awaits skiers.

Are there huts? The Zsindelyes guesthouse (designed by Imre Makovecz) is at the top of the ski lift. Hot drinks, a fireplace, and a huge cat waits for skiers.

Where to rent equipment? There is a small ski rental next to Zsindelyes guesthouse.

How much is a day pass? At weekends, 10 rounds cost 3000 HUF and the day pass is 4000 HUF.
Is there snow? Yes, there is. The webcam can reassure us in this case, too.

Any developments in the future? The ski slope is going to turn into a four-season sports center.


The largest skiing area in Hungary with 7.2 km of ski tracks, a ski school, 7 ski lifts, and a crowded atmosphere. The only Hungarian place, where the experienced skiers do not feel bored. The tracks are maintained with 44 snowmakers. In the evenings, the lights are turned, so skiing can be continued.

Are there huts? There are altogether 5 places, ranging from bars to self-service restaurants.

Where to rent equipment? In “Holle Anyó” hut. Because of the crowd, the staff is rather effective than kind.

How much is a day pass? The 8-hour pass is 6300 HUF, the 4-hour is 5400 HUF.

Is there snow? Yes, and also use the webcam.

Any developments in the future? A 1020-metre-long intermediate track, and another ski lift.

based on article of travelo.hu
translated by Vivien Pásztai

Photo: pixabay

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