Budapest, February 27 (MTI) – Budapest, western Hungarian spa town Heviz and eastern Hungarian spa town Hajduszoboszlo are the most popular tourism destinations in the country.

Preliminary 2013 figures released by the Central Statistical Office on Thursday show that Budapest had 7.8 million guest nights during the year, 5.4 percent more than in 2012. Heviz had 1 million guest nights and Hajduszoboszlo 739,000 guest nights in 2013, both 3.8 percent up from the previous year.

Commercial lodgings in the ten most popular Hungarian places registered a total of 12.9 million guest nights last year, representing 56.9 percent of Hungarian guest nights.

For domestic guests, Budapest, Hajduszoboszlo and Siofok were the most popular destinations last year, and for foreign guests Budapest was followed by Heviz and Buk.



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