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Every year a new rank is set up about how people feel themselves in their home country and how satisfied they are with their living conditions. This is called the happiness report that, as Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reports, reveals that the situation of Hungarians is more aggravating than we had thought.

The most recent study, conducted between October and November of 2017 by the Independent, investigated how happy and satisfied the citizens are in European countries.

The survey, carried out in the 28 Member States of the European Union, was called Future of Europe that especially focused on questions dealing with social issues.

However, questions also touched upon whether the citizens are satisfied with their family life, their current occupation, their life in their country and in the European Union.

As indy100.com reports, the top countries including Denmark (99%), Ireland (98%), The Netherlands (97%) and Sweden (97%) achieved outstanding results, while Romania (67%), Bulgaria (66%) and Hungary (62%) have much to worry about.

/Source: European Commission, Created with Datawrapper/

The excellent results of the Northern EU countries might not surprise anyone given that they are leading the EU happiness reports for years and they are widely considered to be the happiest nations in Europe. But is it really so bad to be a Hungarian citizen?

As the survey, which is available in its full length here, brings it to light, Hungarians have a bigger preferance for a society where more emphasis is placed on solidarity. However, compared to the results of the 2012 report, more Hungarian citizens agreed now with the statement that they are happy living in their country and are satisfied with their current job.

Although this seems to be a step ahead, the overall result showing that only 62% of the population is satisfied with the living conditions does not really reflect a progress.

In 2016, we have reported that a happiness map was designed by the Psychological Laboratory of Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest that highlights in which part of the country people are the most satisfied. In Western Hungary, for instance, citizens were among the happiest groups because of better opportunities, while those living in Nógrád, Heves and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén counties in the northern part of Hungary were much less content.

In fact, it is not good to see that even neighbouring countries like Romania or Bulgaria precedes Hungary, but it can motivate us to catch up with them and work on the solution of the problems.

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

  1. If you have employment, a caring family, who cares about this report and why worry. Be happy that you are alive. Geezus so much pessimism!! Cheer up already!!

  2. The happiest are in the North? “Denmark (99%), Ireland (98%), The Netherlands (97%) and Sweden (97%) achieved outstanding results”?
    Give it a little time for the reality of having a few dozen bloodsuckers(illegal migrants) attached to your feet, walking through a EC change commision agenda. We’ll see who still feels outstanding and where….

  3. I think the E.U. taints these polls. Always try to discredit and attack Hungary.

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