Photo: Gergő Magda

According to Index, a wild boar chase was going on in the centre of Budapest last Friday. It was seen first in District XIII and VII, then the police started to chase it. The chase was successful, the boar was caught and checked by a vet.

The wild boar brawling in the city centre first appeared in District VII, where a police car started to chase it. It was recorded on video that the poor boar, not caring about the Highway Code, is nearly hit by a car on the corner of Rózsa street and Király street. Gergő Magda’s video of the incident:

It also tried to rush into the Dog Run of Szent István park slightly damaging the fence. The police could finally catch the runaway there. The wild boar was then checked by a vet.

444 named the animal Balzac, as the first report on the boar came from Balzac street. An eyewitness reported that Balzac first hided in a bush in the Dog Run. It seemed to be very irritated, it attacked nearly everyone and wanted to bite. It is believed to arrive to the capital by swimming across the Danube before starting its crazy amok.

Photo: Gergő Magda

Last time a wild boar raced on the streets of Budapest was in January 2015. Fortunately, nobody was injured in any cases.

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