The coronavirus has turned our lives upside down; as a result of which a number of new regulations are expected, which must be complied with in order to be able to live a social life in the future. 

From 2021 onwards, we might not be able to use a range of services without an official ID or QR code, verifying that we have been vaccinated against the coronavirus – reported by the Hungarian news portal Portfolio.

At today’s Government Info, the press was interested in the plans concerning:

  • regulation that differentiates people according to whether they have been vaccinated with a coronavirus vaccine or not;
  • the rules of attending social events later on;
  • the introduction of vaccine passport.

According to Minister Gergely Gulyás, “there will certainly be such rules, not only in Hungary, but everywhere in Europe, so I think

the vaccination certificate, in addition to the passport or identity card, will be an important document in the months following the mass vaccination.

It is almost sure that airlines will prescribe such rules, there may be such rules both in Hungary and abroad.”

Vaccination certificate for football matches, theatre performances and other events

By way of example, the British government have already introduced that only those people can attend football matches, theatre performances and other events, who have been vaccinated and can reveal a vaccination certificate, a unique QR code on their mobile phone – reported by Daily Mail. Even though, the plans are still at an early stage, according to Nadhim Zahawi, the British Minister for Vaccination, “it is likely that restaurants, bars and cinemas, as well as other facilities such as sports centres, will use this system, just like they used the app”.

Vaccination certificate for festivals

If the coronavirus vaccine is to become widespread in the Netherlands, festivals and concert venues should differentiate between those who have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus and those who have not. This was stated by Berend Schans, director of the Dutch Association of Concert Venues and Festivals, adding that the access of unvaccinated people to festivals can be denied. This is also recommended by their association – reported by Alkhaleej Today. Both the RAI in Amsterdam and the Ahoy conference centre in Rotterdam would ask participants for a negative test or vaccination certificate.

Vaccination certificate for concerts

According to Billboard, Ticketmaster company, who sell tickets, plan to check participants before the concerts to see if they are vaccinated against the coronavirus. A mobile phone solution would also be introduced, but in addition to the vaccination certificate, a negative coronavirus test carried out within 24-72 hours would also be accepted. The plan, which has not yet been finalised, rests on three pillars: in addition to the digital application from the California-based company, a third-party information provider (such as CLEAR Health Pass) and a test or vaccine distributor (such as Labcorp or CVS) would be involved.

Fly with a vaccination certificate

Australia’s national airline, which is also considered the safest airline globally, has announced that only foreigners who can prove they have received the coronavirus vaccine can travel on board. The airline believes that others will follow their example.

Vaccination certificate at your workplace

As HuffPost UK reports, the British Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat has gone so far that those who will refuse to be vaccinated may face exclusion from their jobs and cannot enter the office, for example. In his opinion, in many social areas, it will be possible to use services with a vaccination certificate.

Based on a freshly published survey carried out by the Central Statistical Office (KSH), most Hungarians are uncertain about the coronavirus vaccine.

Accordingly, less than 15% of Hungarians would get vaccinated with the new coronavirus vaccine.

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  1. Let’s see if enough of peoples’ memories of communist times have really faded away so much. I don’t think it will work because it infringes on individuals’ right of free choice and there is always a smaller, but large enough portion, willing to fight back. Throughout history, whenever people face disproportionate demands from their governments, black markets flourish. So chances are thousands will start buying certificates of compliance or paying for fake ones. Like with tax evasion, rich citizens will have an advantage when it comes to cheating.
    I wonder what will it be when those refusing to be vaccinated organize events for “non inoculated only”. Will that be considered illegal on the grounds of discrimination?

  2. If mandatory vaccines are required to attend events and do other ordinary daily living then effectively Hungary and Europe will be back under the yoke of tyranny. The CV19 is bad for older people and those will serious other health issues but many people get the virus and suffer mild to no effects. This is going to destroy freedom globally if people go along to get along with forced vaccines to be able to live a normal life. SAY NO to forced vaccines before it is too late. If people chose to roll up their sleeves that is their right, if those of us who do not trust Big Pharma refuse then why should our freedoms be wrecked? This is wrong in so many ways.

  3. Not for me thank you I appreciate your generosity but my answer is NO.

  4. They can have mine, hopefully those who have invented it, somehow will regain their sanity and will get back their senses.

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