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An old woman died in a Hungarian hospital during waiting, Hvg.hu reports. Her daughters will report to the police for malpractice.

A woman died in the Honvéd Hospital due to the long waiting time, her daughters claim. According to RTL’s (Hungarian TV channel) report, the woman felt sick at home on Thursday, and an ambulance was called to her, which took the patient to Honvéd Hospital’s ER.

In the hospital, there was a huge crowd, and though the woman was in severe pain, the doctor in charge told them to be patient.

The woman, a former police officer, had been treated for heart and lung diseases, but she did not have any symptoms before that day. During waiting for the emergency room, her state continuously worsened. According to her daughters,

they waited 5 hours when she was finally treated.

It turned out she would have needed an urgent heart surgery, but they waited too long, and the operation could not be performed. Therefore

there was no chance of saving the woman’s life.

The doctor did not wish to answer any questions, but he told RTL that he remembers the patient and she was in such a bad state that there would have been no chance of saving her. 120 other patients were treated that day in the ER.

Honvéd Hospital staff claimed they could not provide information due to patients’ rights, but an investigation has been started. The family will report to the police for malpractice.

Photo: honvedkorhaz.hu

Source: hvg.hu

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