According to, a female candidate applied for a garbage truck driver job after having seen a recruitment notice in Bekescsaba. The woman met the conditions, but she was still not hired, because the company did not want to employ female staff.

The rejected woman initiated proceedings before the Equal Treatment Authority, citing the fact that she suffered disadvantage because of her protected characteristic (female gender) during the recruitment.

According to the authority the representative of the company confirmed that they employed only men for the job. Their excuse was that all the noise, dust and danger of infection that belongs to the particular job traditionally needs males. In addition, there are no sanitary blocks and changing rooms established for women, and the expansion is hindered by liquidity problems, wrote.

The authority concluded that the practice of the company concerned was arbitrary and unjustified, because the establishment of the women changing room is not connected to the nature and the type of the work but with the ensuring of the working conditions. On this basis they are not allowed to discriminate between men and women, even if they lack financial resources.

The Equal Treatment Authority prohibited the continuation of the infringement, imposed a fine and ordered the public disclosure of its final decision on the website of the company for 30 days.

According to, the company brought an action against the decision at the Budapest Court of Administration and Labor.

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