There are a lot of alternative opportunities to discover the beauties of the Hungarian capital besides the traditional bus and walking tours. A Hungarian travel website collected some of the most special ones, each showcasing the city from a new perspective.

Provided that one would like to take part in romantic sightseeing, they should choose the River Danube and one of the many sightseeing boats circulating on it. Nothing remains hidden on board of a tour boat with huge panorama glasses.

Danube cruise ship Budapest

Going on such a trip after dark can make it even more exciting since all the lights of downtown Budapest are switched on.

budapest bridges at night

It is one of the world’s most special feelings when an amphibious bus splashes into the Danube. The tour on the river takes 50 minutes on board of the RiverRide’s special bus. Afterwards, they continue sightseeing on four wheels.

Budapest is beautiful from a bird’s eye view. However, to experience that, we have to travel to the airport of Budaörs (that is inside the city) from where sightseeing flights launch regularly, spending 30 minutes above the Hungarian capital. 


Hop-on hop-off buses are one of the most famous sightseeing vehicles since they allow everybody to discover the beauties of the city in their pace. Therefore, you can get off the bus anywhere during the 24-hour-long tour which you can extend with a 48-hour ticket.

Budapest tourist buses

Those who would like to find the hidden treasures of Budapest should get a Tuk Tuk tricycle which allows entering into every street and taking part in an unforgettable 2.5-hour-long tour. One of the routes follows both banks of the River Danube between the Margaret and the Szabadság bridges. Then, it goes up to the castle and finishes the trip on Heroes’ Square.

Segway is also a very entertaining way to discover Budapest, and they are very easy to drive for everybody. 

segway Budapest

The Association of Hungarian Walkers regularly organises walking tours in Budapest where they tell many interesting details about the city. One of their alternative tours covers football stories while the other one is about the Chinese society of Budapest. But there are many more about the Art Nouveau buildings of the city, for example, or the story of beer in Pest.

Parisian Court, Budapest, Hungary
The Parisian Court. Photo:


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  1. Segways are dangerous to pedestrians due to inexoerienced riders and should be banned.

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