You work! They steal.

The most important conclusion of the Real National Consultation was that Hungarian voters were fed up with the immeasurable corruption permeating Viktor Orbán and his personal circle,” stated Jobbik’s spokesman Péter Jakab in his Budapest press conference on last weekend.

The party has launched a national billboard campaign featuring such couples as Viktor Orbán and Lőrinc Mészáros as well as Árpád Habony and Antal Rogán to illustrate “why wages are so low” in Hungary.

Péter Jakab, Jobbik’s spokesman, photo: Balázs Béli

Jobbik’s spokesman expressed his opinion that people were fed up with the low wages, the humiliatingly low pensions as well as the disastrous conditions in education and healthcare. Explaining the reason why these areas are so underfunded in today’s Hungary, Mr Jakab said while Hungarian people worked Fidesz’ oligarchs stole everything.

Photo: Balázs Béli

Source: Jobbik – press release

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