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The world adores the lacy wonders of a Hungarian artist

The world adores the lacy wonders of a Hungarian artist

Bored Panda recently shared an article about the beautiful artwork of Ágnes Herczeg, who creates handmade lacy wonders. The artist from Kecskemét uses branches to frame her elaborately detailed, ethereal motives, scenes made from delicate lace.

The article praises the work of the Hungarian artist with kind words: “Her carefully crafted figures are a calming celebration of our connection with mother nature and the juxtaposition of the looseness of the lace and the solidity of the wood is the link that holds everything together.”

Ágnes Herczeg studied textile conservation at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in the 1990s. She went on by learning several traditional handicraft, embroidery and lace-making techniques. She only uses materials of natural origin like yarns, threads and also branches, fruits and seeds.

Her artwork is the combination of traditional handicraft, wood and ceramic material. Everything starts with the designing process, when she thinks through the overall structure and the steps it requires. She spends several days on every piece since lace-making is a very time-consuming activity.


We’d like to present some of her work here, but make sure to check out her website to see all of her incredible designs. Get ready for your mind to be blown away 🙂

Featured image:Ágnes

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