Turizmusonline.hu reports that according to the analysis of Szallas.hu, 70% more guests are coming to Budapest, compared to this time last year. People are booking mostly apartments and three-star hotels, most of the Hungarian visitors are coming from Nyíregyháza and Miskolc, while those coming from abroad mainly arrive from Poland, Slovakia and Romania.

A night in Budapest costs 58 euros on average, Hungarians spend usually 135 euros on lodging, while foreigners spend 160 euros on their 2-3 day stays in apartments or three star hotels. The number of bookings increased by 70% (as of yet!) thanks to the sport event, compared to the numbers in July 2016

Hungarians tend to book hotels on Hungarian booking sites, but two out of ten foreigners book on these sites as well. Judit Mészáros, marketing manager of Szallas.hu told Turizmosonline.hu that most of the Hungarians come from Nyíregyháza and Miskolc, but Polish, Slovakian and Romanian visitors also booked their hotels on Szallas.hu.

Check out the most exciting venues of the sports event

There are still some free rooms, but you better hurry if you plan on staying in Budapest on the 14th, 15th or 20th of July, as according to the collected data, most of the hotels are already fully booked.

The open water swimming events will be held at Balatonfüred, Lake Balaton. Concerning the number of bookings, there is a 45 percent increase compared to last July. Here, guests stay usually for 3-7 days, most of the foreigners being Slovakians and Germans. A night here costs 18 percent more than last year: it is 32 euros this year.

Most of the rooms were booked ahead in Budapest, however, a lot of them were cancelled, but just in time, so the hotels could let them again, said István Kovács, the secretary general of the Hungarian Hotel & Restaurant Association. He also commented on the changes in prices, expecting a rise, but the hotels are flexible: the prices change according to demand. An exact report will be drawn up regarding the number of bookings and the prices after the event.

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The World Aquatics Championship will be held in Budapest and in Balatonfüred between the 14th and 30th of July.

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