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World Champion swimmer Katinka Hosszu tore contract worth 40 thousand EUR apart

World Champion swimmer Katinka Hosszu tore contract worth 40 thousand EUR apart

According to, World Champion swimmer Katinka Hosszu held a press conference yesterday morning. Previously she criticized the Hungarian Swimming Association, complaining about the conditions of her preparation. She has not received any help since then.

“They want to silence me” – Katinka Hosszu said when she talked about the support contract. Theoretically, the Association promised her an aid worth 40 thousand EUR  (12 million HUF) for the preparation, but they want her to promote the 2017 World Championship in return.

Hosszu thinks she already earned this support with her results, so she refuses to sign the contract. In fact, she also tore it apart at the press conference, wrote.

“It was not my goal to increase my own bank account” – she said. “The money offered should be spent on the developing of the theoretical and technical background which ensures every swimmer’s continuous development.”


“I love Hungary. I will continue to compete for Hungary. I want to prepare at home.”

She confirmed that it never even occurred to her to compete for the USA in Rio.

At the press conference she talked about being misunderstood by the association.

Head coach Laszlo Kiss also attended the press conference. He said that they try to give all the support needed, but they need to speak with the swimmer. Even there he tried to reach Katinka, but she had not been on the scene, so the dialogue could not be realized – wrote.

Photo: MTI

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