Here is the chance to try these rarities.

According to, the atmospheric cocktail bar in Budapest’s inner city has a story like a novel. A mother of a big family, a whisky lover husband and a babysitter came up with the idea together, where they wanted to show their taste to the world.

First, they tried the special quality drinks from WhiskyNet’s webshop, then they opened a liquor store, but it got to a whole other level when their paths met with the professional world travelling bartender Norbi Schök: from their cooperation GoodSpirit Bar has opened.

Manly or feminine drink?

Among many people, the stereotype that whisky is a manly drink still lives on. In fact, it has many faces which you might have not tasted yet. It is time to leave the old views behind.

Facts have begun to refute the opinion that there is a male superiority among whisky lovers. The sensitivity of women has always been advantageous for spirit expertise. Female distillers are not rare phenomena in Scotland.

You haven’t drunk anything like this in the inner city

If you were not interested by the characteristic whiskys, the world class cocktails might get your attention. This is the place where you won’t be disappointed by the quality and the expertise.

Whether you are looking for a bar for a friends’ meeting or a weeding shower, there is a great place for it in the heart of the inner city in Veres Pálné Street, in which you can reserve a table by a couple of clicks online.

The cocktails

Bartenders of GoodSpirit Bar revealed some secrets about their favorite drinks: now we share some glimpses of the recipes of the delicious cocktails.

A flower vase, please: it is the Save The Date

  • 3 cl Darnely’s View Spiced Gin
  • 2 cl Edinburgh Gin Elderberry Liquor
  • 2 cl citric acid
  • 3 cl Prosecco

According to the bartenders, this is a very light summer drink that can be made by anyone, even at home. The taste combination resembles to eldberry lemonade, which is a nice thirst quencher in the hot weather. The drink is made by “throwing”, which means pouring from one mixer into another from great height. The result gets a decoration of gerbera.

Whisky by the seashore: Son Of A Beach

  • 4,5 cl 10-year-old Arran Whisky
  • 4-5 leaves of fresh mint
  • 5 cl fresh lime juice
  • Thomas Henry Mystic Mango drink
  • 9 cl Son of a Beach Premix (coriander seeds and green cardamoms mixed in vanilla syrup, peach and pineapple mash is added)

If you want a true seashore refreshment, the bartenders recommend Scotland: the Gulf Stream brings a tropical atmosphere to Arran Island. This cocktail highlights the features of the 10-year-old malt whisky: vanilla, pineapple and citrus dominate the drink, and mint gives it a refreshing taste.  It is served in a unique way in a Tiki cup with mint, fruit and sunshade, accompanied by dehydrated banana chips on a wooden surfboard.

Try these at home or in GoodSpirit Bar in Veres Pálné Street!

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