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MÁV announced that its summer schedule starts on 16 June, Szeretlekmagyarorszá reports. Due to the increased train traffic in the Balaton and Lake Velence regions, more up-to-date trains will be operated on a much more frequent basis.

MÁV’s summer train schedule starts this Saturday (16 June) to adapt to the changing needs of its passengers. The summer schedule lasts until 26 August. There are some good news:

MÁV promises to operate more modern trains more frequently and with less delays.

Improved conditions

Due to the recently renovated railway tracks in the South side of Balaton, the travel time decreases, and the trains will become much more regular and punctual. MÁV promises to operate multiple units, InterCity trains and extra trains on the weekend, all of which will be equipped with air-conditioning and provides carriages for bicycles.

These are all necessary changes in the schedule, since there is a tenfold increase in passengers around lake Balaton during the summer.

Last summer, 1.4 million passengers travelled to Lake Balaton which is 8.6% more than the year before. MÁV’s revenue increased 8.1% (with HUF 150,000,000) during the summer.

Travel time

Come Saturday, it will take only a little more than one hour (1 hour and 6 minutes) to get to Siófok from Budapest. 90 trains will be operating just on the weekends between Budapest and Siófok, trains leaving every 30 minutes. Express trains will leave every two hours from Budapest to Nagykanizsa and Keszthely. There will be trains from Budapest to the Adriatic Sea (Croatia), the return ticket costing EUR 49.

Tickets can be bought 20% off online through the Vonatinfó application (except for trains leaving during rush hour).

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