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Who does not love the Balaton Riviera? The city of Balatonfüred has been truly blessed: amazing Mediterranean climate, great wines, amazing view to Lake Balaton, and special spring water. collected all the information you need to know about the medicinal water found in Balatonfüred: where it comes from, what it is good for, why it is called the acid water.

Hungary: the country of thermal water

We have already reported on the many different types of medicinal water that can be found in the country. Click here if you are interested in which medicinal water is good for what kind of health issue, and where you can find these special water types.


Balatonfüred is among the most popular cities around Lake Balaton. It is located on the northern side of the lake, and it is famous for its wines and beaches. If you would like to find out more about Balatonfüred, click here, as the city has been recently featured in our Big cities in Hungary series.

Acid water

There are water springs all over Balatonfüred, 14 to be exact, and that is no ordinary water. It is carbonated water (contains carbonic acids) which has been officially declared as natural mineral water by the Országos Gyógyhelyi és Gyógyfürdő Igazgatóság [National Directorate of Health Resorts and Thermal Baths].

Due to the carbonic acid, the water has a very special flavour, and this is why it is called acid water.

Luckily, everybody can try the special water which works wonders both externally and internally.

Balatonfüred Kossuth Lajos forrás drinking hall
Photo: Wiki Commons by Jarba

Since it is a mineral water, everybody can drink it. There are three public drinking fountains in the city. The water contains minerals that are good for bile, intestinal and stomach issues.

Balatonfüred and its surroundings lie on top of volcanic soil. There are many volcanic chambers located underground, where the water could get into through the cracks, and it filled these chambers completely. This is how the medicinal water came into being.  Today, there are water springs all over Balatonfüred, where the medicinal water bursts to the surface.

Health benefits

As it has been already mentioned, the acid water has a positive medical effect. It is used both externally (patients bath in it) and internally (as drinking water).

The water is regularly used in Cardiovascular hospitals.

When patients bath in the water, the water not only gets absorbed into the skin, but it is also inhaled, which helps with blood flow and blood supply. That is extremely beneficial in the case of heart- and heart valve problems.


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