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Hungary is not called the country of thermal water for nothing. Many regions of Hungary have different types of thermal water. Some thermal waters are also healing waters that evidently have positive medical effects. Since there are all types of thermal waters in Hungary, found it important to sort out which type of water is good for what kind of problem.


Let’s start by learning something new. The treatment of a disease by bathing (usually practised at spas) is called balneotherapy. It is considered to be distinct from hydrotherapy, but there are a few overlaps in practice and underlying principles between the two types of therapies. Balneotherapy may involve hot or cold water, massage through moving water, relaxation, or stimulation.

People have been enjoying the thermal waters of Hungary since the Roman times. Thermal waters are loved and appreciated by many, but not only as a treatment for a problem but also for relaxation, regeneration and as a preventative health measure.

It is important to mention that not all thermal waters are medicinal waters.

Only the ones that have a minimum of 1000 milligrams of minerals per litre can be called medicinal waters. The minerals found in curative waters have been proven to have positive medical effects.

Matching the problem to the water

For rheumatic problems, doctors usually recommend medicinal water that contains sulphur. One can find such baths in the Bükk region, in Bogács, Mezőkövesd, Harkány and Balf.

Medicinal waters with chloride and salt are good for gynaecological problems. This type of water can be found in Debrecen, in the region of Hajduszoboszló, Sárvár and Nyíregyháza-Sóstó.

Medicinal water with radon in it can work as a painkiller. Baths in the Bükk region, Miskolctapolca and lake Hévíz all have this type of thermal water.

If you have digestive or respiratory problems, alkaline waters are for you. You will find this type of water in the baths of Gyula, Mezőtúr, Szolnok and Szeged.

The thermal baths of Budapest have a special type of medicinal water with an earthy-limy feel that contain both calcium and magnesium. This type of medicinal water is good for heart-stomach- and rheumatic problems. Besides Budapest, Esztergom and Székesfehérvár also have this kind of water.

Balatonfüred and Csopak have gassy medicinal water that is good for painful rheumatic symptoms.

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