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Hungary is full of thermal water. Still, if we take a closer look, we might see that thermal water has different types, and these are changing from region to region. Delina.hu collected some interesting facts about thermal water in Hungary.

The Roman Empire made a record about the thermal water sources, and 2,000 of them were located in the territory of today’s Hungary.

Only the types can be called medicinal water that evidently have positive medical effects.

Thermal water has three types of positive effects. First, there are physical effects that make muscles relax, veins widen and the circulation improve. People with damaged, seedy or diseased joints can move their limbs more easily due to water’s buoyancy. The chemical effects, due to the high mineral content dissolved in the water, become absorbed into the circulation through the skin, thus strengthening the immune system and helping self-healing. Also, there are biological effects, as the areas with medicinal water mostly have their own special relaxing microclimate.

But let us see some examples of special thermal water sources.

Lake Hévíz, for instance, is Europe’s largest medicinal lake with its 4.44 hectares.

It was formed in a peat bed which gives it its biological activity. Its water and mud are perfect for preventing or treating osteoporosis. It also has positive effects on rheumatic symptoms, musculoskeletal diseases, muscle and nerve problems or even gynecological disorders.

Hévíz Bath
Source: Facebook / Hévíz

The thermal water of Hévíz contains radon, but that is a positive feature. Thermal water only contains a slight amount of radon far from being dangerous. Water containing radon has a minor painkiller effect and is good for arthritis, Bechterew disease, digestion problems and some types of headache.

Sometimes thermal water is found accidentally: this was the case in Bükfürdő, where miners discovered a source during carbon dioxide mining. That is the reason why the thermal bath of Bükfürdő received the name “Lucky found”. Its water is rich in carbonic acid, so it is splendid for treating joint problems. It is also famous for its refreshing and positive effects on circulation.

The medicinal water in Sárvár, however, contains hydrogen carbonate and salt, so it is also effective against skin diseases and gynecological problems. But there is another type of thermal water in Sárvár, too: the Sárvári Termálkristály — which was a famous brand of mineral water in the socialist era — was retrieved from a 2000-meter-deep well.

Sárvár Spa

The medicinal water of Margitsziget is also worth mentioning, which is a mixture of three different sources.

Its Sulphur content is low, so it does not emit the typical smell of thermal water.  That is the reason why it is appropriate for drinking: it lessens rheumatic symptoms and cures the neural system and circulation disorders.

Photo: facebook/hévízi-tófürdő

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