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Photo: MTI/Balázs Attila

Fully 80 percent of the health-care workers who had registered for the coronavirus vaccine have already received their first jabs, and 8,000 have been fully vaccinated, the chief medical officer said on Sunday.

Vaccination has started in many social care facilities too, Cecília Müller told public media.

The recently procured vaccines will go to senior citizens, primarily to those above the age of 89, Müller said. They will receive the jabs in their homes, she added.

Meanwhile, Hungarian scientists have successfully propagated cells of the “UK variant” of the coronavirus, a fast-spreading mutation first registered in the United Kingdom late last year.

That is an extremely important step in the domestic development of a vaccine, Müller said.

Hungary aims to produce a vaccine that is effective against all variations, she said.

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Source: MTI

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