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“Any similarities?” Asked Flóra Borsi, a Hungarian photographer and graphic designer, in a Facebook post, adding a picture of the Bollywood movie’s poster and her own art.

The question was meant to be rhetoric, as Borsi goes on to explain in the post that the creators of the movie Judgementall Hai Kya never asked her permission to use her work, and how shameful it is for a big company to steal a free-lance artist’s art, wrote 444.

Borsi then took to Twitter to share that she had found two other posters for the very same movie, which also resemble other artist’s ideas.

The case seems obvious, considering the fact that there is a subculture on the internet just laughing at Bollywood’s obnoxious copying of famous movie posters.

One of Borsi’s commenters pointed out that more than one person could have the same idea. They cited the idea Mary Britton Clouse, a vegan activist and artist from the United States, had of a self-portrait, “Nemo” from 2005, which was way before Borsi’s career.

mary britton clouse
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Borsi already spoke out about how big of a problem this was on a day-to-day basis in a 2014 interview:

“I want my art to be unique, so, many times when I come up with an idea, I research it if someone had done it before.”

Borsi’s Photoshopped graphic designs, a lot of which she is the model of, were world-famous way before anyone had known her name in Hungary.

The story has blown up in India; Huffington Post India reached out to the producers of the movie, but they did not respond.

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