According to, they want to build the 110-hectare water entertainment center with a special foil roof structure in Vörösberény, at the Lake Balaton.

Imagine that there is a 1.7 km-long and 500-900 m-wide area from Balatonfűzfő to Balatonalmádi, covered by a huge structure. A similar building has been operating in Cornwall, UK for one and a half decades. It is called Eden Project, and it was turned into a gigantic arboretum from an abandoned quarry.

Péter Gulyás, inventor of Aqua Regnum Hungary entertainment center also saw this solution in the Garden of Eden. However, his project is 40 times larger than the building in Cornwall. The experts don’t think that this could be a problem.

Gulyás plans all kind of entertainments in a Mediterranean-style “Water Kingdom” that could attract residents living even in the remote areas of Europe, wrote.

The facility would be operated by 1200 people and it would provide turnover and revenue for many accommodation providers.

The project owner estimates the costs around EUR 2.3-2.5 billion which is more than HUF 700 billion. An underwater luxury hotel would also be built in the Fűzfő Bay; that would cost EUR 2.5 billion. Mini-submarines would transport the visitors and the materials through the tunnels of the cave bath. They also plan to operate tourist cruises like this.

If you are interested in the project, visit the website of Balatontipp!


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